Bright spots

beauty emerges against circumstances

We’ve all seen the paradox. We know some people who thrive despite having experienced challenging or negative life events. And we know others who, despite seemingly having every advantage in life, fail miserably. Bright spots, a phrase coined by Chip Heath and Dan Heath in Switch represent unexpected areas of…

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I think a lot. And I thought I was pretty good at reflection. But what I learned is that I’m pretty good at introspection. So, what’s the difference? Introspection Introspection is when I look inside and examine my own thoughts and feelings. Reflection Reflection is a more curious word. The…

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Creating ripples

even small changes create ripples

Surly drivers, rude clerks, negative coworkers, frustrated family members. Arms crossed, eyes down, frowny faces. I can join ‘em (which sometimes I do on my really bad days) I can avoid ‘em (which is my MO when I’m tired or discouraged) Or I can engage ‘em Why bother you say?…

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Culture Thriving

culture thriving on wall copy

A mentor of mine once said that all people have two basic desires.  One is to be approved and accepted. The second is to have a purpose that is bigger than ourselves, some way to contribute to the world.  When these two things come together, we function well. When we…

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