Both And


Ever notice we seem to live in an ‘either or’ society? Been in any ‘good’ arguments recently? You know the ones. Some are mild – milk or dark chocolate? But then there are the topics that can change the lives of populations such as politics, government, military, ethnic differences, and…

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the art of describing

walked in your shoes

This movie is boring. He’s driving like a jerk. My colleague is lazy. These are all versions of judgment statements. I’ve assessed the situation, made assumptions about what you or others are thinking, come to a conclusion, and perhaps even stated it as fact. The art of describing is the…

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change your words

I’ve become quite interested in this 3-letter word recently. It seems to have an innate ability to shift conversations and thought processes. How many times have you heard That’s a great idea but …… You’re doing a good job but …. We’d love to do it but ….. Kind of…

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the trouble with time

The trouble is that you think you have time

the trouble with time For me, it has been a season of reminders that life is short.  Recently I have found my attention drawn to a Zen saying that lives on my wall. “The trouble is that you think you have time.” We think that we have time. So today…

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