silencing the voices

Van Gogh cannot paint

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. Vincent Van Gogh I had no clue when I posted this 4 years ago how prophetic it was. A couple of weeks after this post, I went to…

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staring down evil


Much of the world is watching in horror at the events in Paris tonight. We’re praying for those who were murdered and injured. For those who were targets but escaped. For the rescuers. For the police and other first responders. And for their family, friends, and all of France. I…

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getting rid of an unrealistic goal

do you own your goals copy

Earlier this year, I made a goal. A good goal. A great goal. A goal I really wanted to accomplish. I made really strong headway for a couple of months and really enjoyed the progress. Then life entered in – full of opportunities, chaos, and the unexpected. I’d see the…

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choose joy

What an odd word to think about relating to work and the day to day of life. Joy. Joy. So often defined as pleasure and happiness, but I think oh, so much more. I went looking for definitions of JOY. Wikipedia – being joyful that some expectation or need has…

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carrying it with you

what you leave behind

I recently returned from a training session and was being asked all the typical questions – how’d it go, what did you learn, etc. And then, someone dropped a game-changer question. “Are you carrying it with you now?” boom. “Are you carrying it with you now?” A recognition internally and…

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human doing or human being

human doing or human being? “People aren’t ‘made’ by themselves or by anyone else: they are released to be what they always were but had never known they were.” Archibald MacLeish I’ve always been impressed by people who have created personal purpose or mission statements. Whenever I tried to craft…

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when your life doesn’t fit in the box

boxes are for catching cats

there’s a dissonance when who you are or what you do doesn’t fit into the box You might encounter this when you fill out an application or a survey and you get to the demographics question and you’re some of this and some of that and checking other seems, well…

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10,000 hours

10,000 hours is the time estimated to become masters at something. Not just good or excellent, but those people who do something with such flow and beauty, that it is hard to see where the person stops and the activity begins. 10,000 hours is a lot of time 3 hours…

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