the dross of life

Psychiatrist George Vaillant, the analyst of the study that followed a cohort of well-adjusted Harvard sophomores for over 70 years found that those who aged well employed mature adaptations – altruism, humor, anticipating and planning for the future, exchanging immediate gratification for future rewards, and finding healthy outlets for feelings.…

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the downward spiral of assumptions

challenge assumptions

The other day, I drove home pondering about what I wanted to eat that night. I was off work early as was the husband and so I assumed that we would head out for dinner. I had briefly mentioned going out before I left for work that morning. So I…

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the art of describing

walked in your shoes

This movie is boring. He’s driving like a jerk. My colleague is lazy. These are all versions of judgment statements. I’ve assessed the situation, made assumptions about what you or others are thinking, come to a conclusion, and perhaps even stated it as fact. The art of describing is the…

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the paradox of choice

choices less is more

Choice – the the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities. Choice is powerful. It opens up new paths and horizons. But paradoxically, increasing either the number of options to choose from or the frequency of making choices can be detrimental. Too many options can lead us…

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pay yourself first!

Invest in yourself

Budget and retirement advice often contains the phrase ‘pay yourself first’ as a reminder to set aside for emergency savings and retirement funds. However, the same phrase is great reminder of what people who thrive tend to do on a regular basis with their time and energy. They pay themselves…

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I think a lot. And I thought I was pretty good at reflection. But what I learned is that I’m pretty good at introspection. So, what’s the difference? Introspection Introspection is when I look inside and examine my own thoughts and feelings. Reflection Reflection is a more curious word. The…

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