getting rid of an unrealistic goal

do you own your goals copy

Earlier this year, I made a goal. A good goal. A great goal. A goal I really wanted to accomplish. I made really strong headway for a couple of months and really enjoyed the progress. Then life entered in – full of opportunities, chaos, and the unexpected. I’d see the…

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phases change

2 something a.m. and I find myself wide awake. Not worried. Not anxious. Not fretting. Just awake. I have a series of emails and messages that essentially ask the same thing. “How are you doing? What are you doing? When are you coming back to ______?” I look at my…

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what sustains you?

in her heart was love final

The world sometimes feels like a crazy place. I have found that focusing on the negative, only increases my anxiety and my own cynicism. I intentionally seek out the positive to keep me ‘filled up’. I created a personalized Facebook feed filled with encouraging pages. I watch inspirational videos. I…

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crazy things we believe

Waves as big as you think they are?

(Disclaimer: this is a combination of a couple of recent conversations with similar threads – actual conversations were around time, money, work ethic, and recreation. Some creative license applied!) “Well, I guess it is true what they say, you can either have time or you can have money”. Me: “Are…

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choose joy

What an odd word to think about relating to work and the day to day of life. Joy. Joy. So often defined as pleasure and happiness, but I think oh, so much more. I went looking for definitions of JOY. Wikipedia – being joyful that some expectation or need has…

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learner’s mind, learner’s heart


Many of us find learning great fun, but learning can also be hard work. And, especially for those with years of expertise in another area, learning something new can be a bit (or more than a bit) intimidating. I’m one of those who fit nicely into the ‘life long learner’…

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carrying it with you

what you leave behind

I recently returned from a training session and was being asked all the typical questions – how’d it go, what did you learn, etc. And then, someone dropped a game-changer question. “Are you carrying it with you now?” boom. “Are you carrying it with you now?” A recognition internally and…

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trapped in your own success?

You’re really good at what you do. You’ve established a solid track record. You’ve got all the credentials. It pays well (or well enough). But you’re no longer feeling the energy in it. You used to love a new week. A new challenge. Making something happen. Doing something well. Now.…

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Perception ≠ Reality

Perception = Reality Well, not really. My perceptions feel real. And your perceptions feel just as real to you. The problem is that our perceptions are likely radically different. And it is very likely that neither of our perceptions are strongly rooted in reality. “We don’t see things as they are,” describes…

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