MJBa for blog with nameThe major events in our lives matter little. It is what we do with the space in between them that defines us. (words of wisdom from my brother)

I am a people watcher. I watch people to see what I can learn from them. In particular, I love watching the people who seem to o inhabit their lives and purpose more fully. They seem to have figured out some part of life.

Or as Roger Miller describes it “some people walk in the rain …. others just get wet”

Those who retain that ‘bright, alert, and responsive’ nature in their eyes and live in a whole-hearted way shape culture and create a space where others may also thrive. To me, that’s a legacy worth building.

This is a space to look at why and how some people thrive. I’m curious about how they approach life and the questions they ask. Perhaps there’s some tip or perspective that I can ‘borrow’ from them. After all, I’m constantly wondering what I want my next iteration of growing up to look like and I need all the tools I can get!

On the journey: connections. culture. learning. discovery. thriving.

Feel free to join me.

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