moving from festering to action

Sometimes I hit a festering doldrum. No wind in my sails. I start speaking in absolutes. ‘Nothing is working’, ‘Everything is going wrong’. You know, the woe is me cycle.

For me, these are usually transient. A few hours, perhaps a day or two. I’m fortunate. I know it is possible to be stuck in these for days, weeks or months.

When I’m festering, my tendency is to look at others and see ALL the things they are doing that might be annoying me. I can usually come up with quite a list. And none of them are helpful – to me or to the other person.

I’ve certainly read about the many ways to break these cycles. Gratitude, thankfulness, and focusing on the positive things in life are highly recommended. The problem is that when I feel stuck, I feel really stuck. And it is hard for me to think my way into a new feeling.

I have learned that the festering usually means there’s something that my brain is trying to tell me. Something I should be paying attention to. Something inside me.

And, I’ve learned that when I’m stuck it works best for me to do something. Literally. Do something.

Move forward 2
One of the big things that has been festering has been this blog. I’ve worried about how to make it better, how to make it perfect. And I’ve only gotten more stuck.

I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ in which she assigns us to write 3 pages of long hand every morning. Like the chicken, the only end game is to get to the other side. No assessments of quality are allowed.

So, today I opted to simply restart my blog by writing about my festering mood. Nothing fancy. And honestly, right now I’m already feeling less stuck.

Sometimes, the smallest step action is all it takes. But sometimes I resist the small step because it seems ‘too simple’ or ‘too small’ or ‘unimportant’. Perhaps you, like me, do the same.

But the reality is that success is built with those small simple actions done consistently. We build brick by brick, we walk step by step.

Let’s go take some small steps. #culturethriving 

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