staring down evil

Much of the world is watching in horror at the events in Paris tonight. We’re praying for those who were murdered and injured. For those who were targets but escaped. For the rescuers. For the police and other first responders. And for their family, friends, and all of France.

I see lots of posts on social media and I feel that many, like me, are reaching for what to say. For what to do.

As Edmund Burke once wrote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There will be, and there needs to be, national and international actions.

But as individuals, we’re not big. We’re not powerful. Most of us have no ability to ‘fix’ anything on the European continent.

Is there anything we do that is meaningful in the face of evil?


I think there is. I think we do have the ability to make tangible change. Like the story of the little boy who throws washed up starfish back into the ocean, we can make a difference for the one in front of us.

Those seemingly insignificant actions, the small things, those everyday deeds by ordinary folk. Those are the things that keep the darkness at bay.

So I challenge you. I challenge me. Over the next couple of days, let’s find some ways to help the person next to us, to change the life of ‘the one’ – the person in our community, in our back yard. Let’s stare down evil through random acts of kindness. Let’s encourage, speak life, and call out the best in people. Let’s start good deeds and continue to pay those forward.

Everyday deeds by ordinary people. Small acts of kindness and love. #culturethriving

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