the best of times and the worst of times

You ever run into those period in your life when most things are going really well – but one thing is really dragging you down?

Or a time when most things are going really badly, but there’s this consistent ray of sunshine in your life?

Yep. That seems to be how my life goes. I cannot remember a time in my life when I was revving on all cylinders. But something has always been going pretty well.

I think it is closer to reality to find that people are operating at 8 to 10 in one part of their life and 2 to 3 at another. Somehow we think that when we stub our toe in life, a door shuts in our face, or we lose people we care about that the good parts of our life ought to buffer it. But really, not so much.

Hurt still hurts.

yep it hurtsWe may have more resiliency. We may have a stronger support network. But hurt still hurts.

It is why the person who seems to have it all together is still hurt with losses in their life.

It is why we can love our jobs, and still struggle with our home relationships.

Or be really supported at home, and still struggle at work.

We never know what is going on with others. But the odds are high that they are struggling with something …

As are we.

Let’s give space and encouragement to each other, ok? We all need it. #culturethriving

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