getting rid of an unrealistic goal

Earlier this year, I made a goal. A good goal. A great goal. A goal I really wanted to accomplish.

I made really strong headway for a couple of months and really enjoyed the progress. Then life entered in – full of opportunities, chaos, and the unexpected.

I’d see the goal every morning – it is on a picture ledge across from where I enjoy some coffee and quiet time every morning. And I’d think, “I should ….”

So I suspect many of you know what happened next. Low levels of ‘I should guilt’ – I made this goal, a commitment to myself, and I’m not following through.

do you own your goals copy

But the reality is that I couldn’t. Not without significant cost to my self, my health, and my relationships. Thus the tension.

Today tho. Today was different. Today I had an epiphany of sorts. My goal is my goal. And even if was a bigger commitment to someone else, the same rules would apply. Today is a different day than when I made that decision. And the things that were important and necessary then are not the same things that are important and necessary today.

So as of today, I have thrown away the goal. I’ve let it go.

In case you’re wondering, I may still work towards the objective. But I will no longer have the timeline and endgame expectation. And if need be, I will let the whole goal go. Yes, it is and was important. But currently, lots of other things are much higher on the priority list.

I know I’m not the only one to get all wound up in these sorts of self-guilt trips. Perhaps you also have set a goal or made a commitment that is no longer sustainable. It is just not possible. Or it is possible, but only at a cost much greater than the return on investment or impact on you and others.

Perhaps it is time to consider. Is it time to let it go ….? #culturethriving

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