when will you get to when?

I so often seem to have the idea that I cannot have or do ‘something’ because …. Because I have to do something else first. Because I don’t have enough experience in the area. Because the last person who did that thing got there by a different route. Because I have too much to do right now. Because it might cost too much. Because, because, because ….

When will I have enough? Be enough? Have done enough?

When will you get to when finalWhen I focus on the future and what I might have or do, I feel stuck and anxious and wonder how I am going to get there.

When I focus on the now, I can see the beauty in the world, the impact of my work, the connections I build.

I feel more alive and love life a lot more when I’m breathing in the moment.

When will I get to when? How about today? Today sounds good.

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