what sustains you?

The world sometimes feels like a crazy place. I have found that focusing on the negative, only increases my anxiety and my own cynicism.

in her heart was love finalI intentionally seek out the positive to keep me ‘filled up’. I created a personalized Facebook feed filled with encouraging pages. I watch inspirational videos. I still read all the tear jerker stories in reader’s digest. I regularly connect with people who build me up and allow me to build them up. I remind myself to practice generosity and random acts of kindness. These and many more are things that sustain me.

My days are not without stress and negative events. But the solution to the problems around me is not in the problem. I have found that the sooner I can turn from focusing on the problem to filling my mind and heart with ‘good stuff’, the sooner I am more likely to become the change I want to see in the world.

What sustains you?

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