crazy things we believe

(Disclaimer: this is a combination of a couple of recent conversations with similar threads – actual conversations were around time, money, work ethic, and recreation. Some creative license applied!)

“Well, I guess it is true what they say, you can either have time or you can have money”.

Me: “Are you sure that is true?”

“Well, that’s how the saying goes”.

Me: “But is it true?”

“Well, hmmm”

Me: “Do you know anyone who has both time and money?”


Me: “Do you know anyone who has no time and no money?”


Me: “So it seems that you know it cannot be true.”

“Well, I was just repeating the saying I’ve heard.”

Me: “Do you know where you heard it?”

“Probably as kid growing up.”

Me: “How has believing that helped or hindered you throughout out your life?”

“Right now, I’m feeling stuck. Sort of like life is either/or. All or nothing.”

Me: “What would change if your life wasn’t all or nothing?”

“I’d feel more free to experiment more. To live outside the box.”

Me: “Do you want to keep that mindset of you can either have time or you can have money?”

“I don’t think so”

Waves as big as you think they are?

Sometimes we believe the craziest stuff. We learned it from our parents, our family, our friends, our teachers. Sometimes we made it up for ourselves. It might have just been a phrase we heard when we were 10 or something we vowed when we were 15.

But then this NON-TRUTH became a MINDSET that we live our life by. Often with consequences.

Our mindset is that we can only have time or money. So we don’t save.

Our mindset is that working hard means all the time. So we don’t take vacations.

Our mindset is that we failed last time we risked. So we don’t take risks.

Our mindset is that we get hurt when we let others into our lives. So we keep others at arms length.

We all have the these crazy things that we believe. What do you believe? Whether you hear those little voices in your comments or only in your brain, you can ask:

  • Is it true?
  • Does it help me or hinder me?
  • Do I want to keep believing this?

Because it is hard to fully thrive when we believe crazy stuff. #culturethriving

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