learner’s mind, learner’s heart

Many of us find learning great fun, but learning can also be hard work. And, especially for those with years of expertise in another area, learning something new can be a bit (or more than a bit) intimidating.

I’m one of those who fit nicely into the ‘life long learner’ category. I’m still about 1/2 year shy of hitting the 50:50 in school / not in school ratio (translation – I’ve spent over half my life as a student!). And yet, my life long learning has primarily been the process of adding more expertise and depth to the areas I already know well.

Learning something new is different.

Learning something new when you have the age or experience to really understand what expertise looks like is totally different.

I know what I want what I’m doing to look like.
I know what it does look like.
I know there is a gap.

Therein lies the frustration.

And therein is where the learner’s mind and heart need to come in.

At one point in my life, I learned stuff because it was fun, because it interested me. Somewhere I got to the stage of learning to get better. And once I started learning to ‘get better’, I started evaluating my learning. Judging my skills. Comparing myself to others.

And that’s no fun.

So, I’m reconnecting with the joy of learning.

11214183_856003604455337_5377764143758434689_nEnjoying the journey. Being content with where I am in the process. Being grateful for baby steps and small beginnings. Smiling at my own work.

Stopped crossing every T and dotting every i. (Mostly) stopped worrying about crossing every T and dotting every i!

Having fun with mistakes. Risking in a fast and furious manner – while I’m surrounded by mentors who will help guide me and wonderful colleagues who encourage me.

Getting feedback. Giving feedback. Jumping in and trying again.

Developing a new language, a new tribe, and lots of new inside jokes. Laughing at how crazy we are learning something new!

Learner’s mind and learner’s heart. Joy in learning.

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