What an odd word to think about relating to work and the day to day of life. Joy.

Joy. So often defined as pleasure and happiness, but I think oh, so much more.

I went looking for definitions of JOY.

Wikipedia – being joyful that some expectation or need has been met. Me – not even close.

Webster: an emotion, the expression of the emotion, a state. Me – a state, a state with emotion.

Synonyms: bliss, wonder. Me – yeah. A state of bliss and wonder and peace.

choose joySo what does joy have to do with work and life and culture and thriving? Helen Keller described it best:

Joy is the holy fire that keeps purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.

So how do we get more joy in our life?

  • Be aware of life. Be present. Be fully present.
  • Choose experiences. Choose relationships. Choose memories. Joy is in us. It is not in the stuff around us.
  • Think on good things. Choose to fill your brain (and heart) with music, TV shows, movies, facebook friends, books,  magazines, and pictures that are uplifting, encouraging, and positive.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Pay it forward. Help others.
  • Spend time in nature. Spend time with beauty.
  • Create.
  • Cultivate a circle joyful people.

Joy will become the gasoline that keeps you moving in your purpose and the atmosphere that helps others around you also thrive. #culturethriving


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