carrying it with you

I recently returned from a training session and was being asked all the typical questions – how’d it go, what did you learn, etc. And then, someone dropped a game-changer question.

Are you carrying it with you now?


“Are you carrying it with you now?” A recognition internally and externally that I am not just attending training – I am changing, transitioning, transforming.

what you leave behindIt made me realize two things.

First – the power of words. This was an amazingly powerful question that really breathed life and encouragement into my efforts. This was a yes/no question, but with it was the recognition that for this person really knew me to be able to articulate something on my heart so well.

Sometimes I spend my words on low yield questions – questions that yield superficial answers. With no extra words, but definitely with some extra thought, a question can go deeper to let someone know I’ve really ‘seen them’ and I know what is important to them.

Second – the intent with which I spend my time. Going through the motions, checking off the boxes, getting something done? Or really seeking to change? Being open to whatever the experience brings and being open to letting it transform me?

When I stop trying to see how much I can get done, I find myself seeping into the experience and the experience seeping into me.

When I dive into life, I find I end up looking at things differently. My perspective changes.

What am I carrying with me that I wasn’t before? What are you carrying with you that you weren’t before? #culturethriving

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